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Manage Risks.
Accelerate Growth.

Your business runs on contracts that expose you to risk. Delino was designed specifically for SMBs, giving you smart contract review and tips for lowering your contract risks.

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Make smart decisions that drive growth

Your business can’t thrive if you’re constantly putting out fires. And it only takes a spark to light a fire that sets your business back or, worse, causes you to close your doors forever. You’re a business, not a firefighter. Delino can help you make smart decisions that drive growth, not risk.


Delino reviews your contract word-for-word, term-by-term. It then explains the risks inherent in every term.


Get actionable insights that help you feel confident balancing opportunities vs. risks.


Gain peace of mind knowing you’re aware of risks in your business and know the steps to take to minimize risks.

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Our clients trust us

With Delino, Smart Contract Review is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3

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Upload your contract

We currently accept Master Service, Consulting, and SaaS Agreements, Statements of Work, and Mutual NDAs.

2 Gain visibility

Gain visibility

We’ll show you which clauses put you at risk and give you recommended language to improve them.

3 Negotiate with confidence

Negotiate with confidence

Our benchmarks and tailored recommendations empower you with actionable insights to drive better outcomes.

Cut through the legalese and sign with confidence

Contract review takes time and expertise that most SMBs may not have. But not reviewing, redlining, and negotiating terms is bad business.

31.4 %

of lawsuits filed against small businesses are for breach of contract

22.2 %

of small businesses experience contract dispute

$ 91 K

is the median cost of contract lawsuits

Manage Risks. Accelerate Growth.

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