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The #1 Risk Management Platform Designed Specifically for SMBs

84% of small businesses don’t use an attorney. But when it comes to contract review and risk management, there's no alternative to qualified legal guidance.

That’s why we’re building Delino.

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What is Delino?

Delino is a smart contract risk management solution for small businesses. 
Delino (pronounced “de-LEAN-oh”) comes from the word, delineate. We delineate risk and equip you to manage it, so you can make informed decisions that drive growth.

Next-level risk tech for SMBs

Early online Risk Tech democratized risk management services. But these services haven’t changed much in the thirty-plus years they’ve been around. Their templates and tools may make you feel safe, but, in reality, you’re as exposed as ever. 

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Delino takes Risk Tech to the next level, giving you an unfair advantage:

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The insights to negotiate better deals

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The knowledge to make smarter decisions

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The power to manage risks and grow your business with confidence

No more outdated contract templates. Our targeted insights help you balance opportunities and risks. And our industry benchmarks and operational tips help you make better decisions that drive better outcomes.

Built BY small businesses FOR small businesses

We’re entrepreneurs ourselves. We understand the challenges and risks you face — especially as you grow and take on more risk.

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We’re passionate about bridging the gap. Level the playing field with a smart risk platform that:

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Improves contract review and slashes review time
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Uncovers hidden areas of risk that could jeopardize your growth
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Provides benchmarks and playbooks that empower you to make better decisions

Why isn’t Delino open to the public yet?

We’re building Delino to help every small business position themselves for success. And we’re working hard to make it available as quickly as possible.   

Our invite-only beta isn’t intended to be exclusive; we just aren’t ready to ship the general-release version yet. There are two reasons for this:  

First, we think it’s important to manage user experience instead of growing the user base overnight. This helps ensure that things don’t break as we fine-tune and grow the product.

Second, we’re a small team and want to grow smart as well as fast. So, we’re only accepting as many businesses as we can support at this stage of growth.

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Join us to level up small businesses contract game

We're partnering with commercial contract attorneys to help the 84% of small business who are contract DIYers. Our mission: to develop contract playbooks that change the game for SMBs.

If you’re a commercial contract attorney, join us in serving SMBs.

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