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Unlock Peak
Growth Potential

Delino’s automated contract review platform empowers you to manage the inherent risk in business contracts, so you can accelerate growth.

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Reimagine contract review and risk management

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Save time with auto-identification of critical risks to your business in your contracts
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Obtain a clear understanding of contract risks and how it impacts various parts of your business
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Eliminate any doubt or worry that you miss a critical risk in your contracts
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Actionable insights help you make smart trade-offs between opportunities and risks
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Enjoy liberating peace of mind
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DIY is time consuming and error-prone
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Outsourcing to attorneys is slow and costly
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Deprioritizing or ignoring contract review is a high-risk gamble
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Managing contracts creates anxiety and constant worry.

Understand the risks inherent in your contracts

Simply upload your contract. Delino reviews it and gives it a Risk Score from 0 to 100, so you understand your overall risk profile.

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Get feedback across 6 risk domains

Delino reviews every contract term, compares it to benchmarks of similar contracts, and reveals your risks in six distinct risk domains.

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Identify the clauses that put you at risk

Delino’s gives you a clause-by-clause review, explaining the risk domain it affects, the type of risk, and feedback on why it could be a problem.

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Know how and where to negotiate better terms

Delino evaluates the clauses in your contract and alerts you to missing clauses. It then tells you what the peer benchmark is for this term — the risk level that businesses like yours typically accept in their contract.

It then suggests alternatives that could lower your risk. Armed with this information, you can redline and negotiate terms with confidence.

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Smart. Empowering. Future-proof.

88% of business people admit they struggle to understand contracts. Yet 84% of small businesses don’t use an attorney. They rely on generic online templates and do their own contract review.

But online templates don’t protect your business. And DIY contract review is time consuming and risky.  

Why go it alone? Delino gives you enterprise-level protection designed for small businesses.


What is the beta?+-

We’re building the leading contract review and risk management platform for small businesses. For a limited time, we are offering unlimited, risk-free contract reviews. Your feedback and support is essential in helping us shape this solution to help all small businesses manage risks and accelerate growth. Tell us what you like and what’s missing, so we know how to set priorities and build the features you care about most.

How does the contract review process work? +-

Simply upload your contracts that are either fully executed or in-flight, and we will provide a contract risk review.

What type of contracts do you currently review?+-

We currently accept MSAs, SOWs, SaaS Agreements and Mutual NDAs. As we continue to grow, more contract types will be added to the list of documents you can submit for review.

How many contracts am I allowed to upload for review? +-

In the first few days of your beta membership, we ask for you to upload five to ten historical contracts. During your beta membership, you can upload an unlimited number of contracts.

How long will it take to get my contract back?+-

We strive to review and return your submitted contract within 72 hours.

If I have questions about the contract review items, who do I contact?+-

Every customer has a dedicated customer success manager. Please contact that person if you have any questions or concerns. If you don’t know who your customer success manager is, please contact

How many users can I add to my instance?+-

At this time, we only support one user per company. We are currently working on a feature that will allow multiple users.

Are my contracts and other data secure?+-

We take data seriously. All your data is 256-bit AES encrypted, both at rest and in transit. Delino is supported by Munich RE, a leading global provider of reinsurance and risk management. So we maintain the highest level of security measures.

Does Delino offer legal counsel on contracts?+-

No, Delino does not offer or provide legal advice. We are not a substitute for legal counsel.

Try It Yourself

Apply to join our beta. Let Delino review contracts, then share your experience and insights. Together we’ll build the contract solution every small business needs (and secretly wants).